All Images are the Collaborative Works of Artist, Patti Gay and her Autistic Son, Noah

Noah has always loved painting and creates wonderful textures. The fusing of these textures into design has created beautiful and brilliant images. These are now available in limited edition giclee prints on fine art papers.

About the Art and Artists

My son, Noah who is autistic has always loved to paint. He creates wonderful textures using brushes, sponges and even bubbles. I have always loved the textures and started scanning them into my computer. I had a few ideas in my head about fusing them with design and once I got started an entire collection evolved. This has been a real joy for me to do. It is very different than my other art, and every single texture is from Noah's paintings. Here are some of the textures I have worked with to give you an idea.
If for any reason you would like images in a different size than listed, feel free to contact me at and we can work something out.
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